[Helyi] bb_l0098.jpg Dear Visitor,

Hearing, reading the manifestations regarding Ózd, often ends on a note of pessimizm, many times the thought  of Charles Haddon Spurgeon comes to my mind: „Of course I have so many mistakes if there is only a little love  in you.”.
We Ózd people living and working here have an attitude of firm love and unflinching believe in the prosperous  future of our hometown.
Providing best of our knowledge, with common efforts, committedly working hard to the survival, to the uprise  of Ózd town to elaborate its fame – worthy of its real values.

Dear Inquerer,

Let me as the mayor of Ózd town to give you a short taste of all those facts, values and plans what may explain the loveful but sometimes laborious tie of Ózd people to their hometown and bringing closer to the spectator the picture of an attractiv, capable to survive settlement what intends to keep pace and wants to live – what is the reality.
Our ancestors established the settlement in one of the most beatiful areas of Hungary, rich of natural values among the slopes of Bükk Mountain. The distance from Budapest is 160 kms, the town situated nearly the same distance from three county capitals – Eger, Miskolc and Salgótarján – that is nearly 60 kms. The one time metallurgical town has grown up to the second biggest town of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, presently with the population of 35 thousand people.
Although our one and a half century heavy industry past preferedly apostrophised as the reason of economical, social problems striking Ózd – resonably, we Ózd people carefully protecting our historical heritage, caring our traditions. The one time existing factory giant we may thank remaining creatures, several contructions, institutions which are under technical protection and preservation.
The clubhouse of Readers’ Union built in 1924 and fully renovated, we may proudly say gives home one of the higest standard cultural institution. The former (metallurgical) Officers’ Club after a wholescale renovation serving a the base of Affilitated College Department of National University of Public Services, and as a conference centre keep abrest with times The Roman Catholic Church of Szentsimon town part what is the oldest historical building in our neighborhood gives occasion to recall the past and spiritual charging-up. Its pricelles value is the painted casette wooden ceiling consisting of 24 tablets and made in 1650.

As a result of EU supported complex rehabilitation projects the town centre and several town parts has been modernised both int he outlook and functionality. Aesthetic and clean public areas spacious car parks, individual harmony of contemporary and modern buildings altogether serving the comfort and satisfaction of local people and guests, as well.
These all just the bottleneck cross section area of all values can be found in our town. Our municipality displayed to its flag, the enrichment of the town and the liveable present and the safe, honest future based on peaceful cooperation.
There are so many tasks waiting for solution, to be scheduled to the near or distant future. We begin to start the agricutture, the utilisation of renewable energy resources, adoptation of this energy for district heating is in process.
We shall wait for local firms and those who intend to enterprise by opening an office helping to enterprise and watching applications, moreover we are looking for investors. We do close cooperate with police and other orgonisations relevant ont he area of maintaining of law and order.

Last but not least we maintain day to day contact with local Ózd people – for whom we do really work for – to be permanently informed about forming the fate of our town. It is the ambition of our Municipality, Ózd to be the meeting point of people and value creating high standard programmes. Let’s visit our town, we await You with lots of love. We would kindly accep if Your can help our work by your comments, constructive criticizm and proposals. We friendly invite and welcome those all come to us with good intention, desire to do or they just arrive to us in the hope of pleasant recreating.

Friendly Regards
Janiczak Dávid
Mayor of Ózd town